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Cultural Intelligence:
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*Find briefings on history, culture, living for most countries in the world at
Language Learning Aides:
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Passport Services:
Click here to apply for a U.S. Passport, here if you need your Passport expedited, or here if you need a Canadian Passport
Please consult the Center for Disease Control and your personal physician, as some medications may need to be taken before/after the trip.
Visa Services:
Click here for U.S. Visa Requirements and here for Canadian Requirements.
Check out for the local weather.
Currency Exchange:
Use the currency converter at to see how far the dollar goes in your destination.
Embassy Services:
Find contact information for every Embassy in the world by clicking here.
Emergency Services:
In case of an emergency while traveling abroad, click here (U.S. citizens).
Travel Warnings:
Visit this page to view the warnings posted by the U.S. State Department with regard to traveling in questionable countries.
Power and Electricity:
This world voltage directory allows you to search for the voltage of different countries along with information on the electrical standards.
Download Check Lists for travel.